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About Us

The Natural Child School is an all inclusive childcare program that strives to support all children ages birth to 12 in reaching their full potential. Through child led play and providing enriching environments, we help support each child in discovering the enjoyment of wonder. We strive to provide high quality childcare to all families, no matter their income to ensure that every child has the best start to life that they can.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Indoors Indoor Curriculum We are a Reggio Emilia inspired school. Children are seen as being capable and are given the lead in their learning. We as teachers offer a support to the children, guiding and encouraging the children to expand and deepen their experiences. Their whole learning is through child led play. The children are able to fully experiment with the materials that are given to them and are allowed to move the materials as they need to around the room. Teachers use observations to document the children’s learning and are used as a tool in figuring out how to expand and give the children new experiences that will deepen the child’s learning. The children are seen as individuals and are supported in their own path of their education.
Curriculum Outdoors Outdoor Curriculum We strive to let the children have as many natural experiences outside as possible. Teachers follow the children’s lead in their experiences and learning outside and act as a support to the children’s learning. Children are encouraged to fully experience and explore everything around them. Our property has a lot of woods and the children’s outdoor space incorporates a big section of the woods so that children can experience the true Vermont outdoors. The children use the natural landscaping to climb, balance, jump, ride bikes, and explore all while being taught safety and social/emotional problem solving skills.

Learning at THCS

Young children learn best when they are given opportunities for open ended, uninterrupted, free play and are not limited to an adult’s ideas. The role of the teacher and other adults in a child’s learning is to support the child’s interests, provide opportunities to deepen a child’s interests, and document or wonder about a child’s exploration. A supportive learning environment for young children includes an open learning space, is calming, comfortable, inviting, child level, and allows children to learn.
Materials that are available for children should be challenging, open ended, flexible, supportive, rugged or durable, and, spark interest and creativity. Culture is very important in understanding children. It shapes how a child sees he world and how they interact with the world.
Parents and family play an important role for the children. With family on board and active in a child’s learning helps the child feel secure and able to focus on their learning. An effective child care program leader and manager supports children’s best interests, every family’s culture, and supports staff, children and families while keeping in mind the childcare’s philosophy and mission statement.

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